The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Education

Here is exactly what you will learn in this course: 

Module 1 - Maker Ed Essentials


What is Maker Ed?

  • Defining Maker Ed
  • Using the Learning Journal
  • Links & Resources to Maker Ed Content 


Why you should be using Maker Ed? 

  • Benefits of doing Maker Ed with your students
  • Making links to careers with Maker Ed
  • Purposeful teaching of Maker Ed


HANDS-ON Project 1 - Can be adopted to any class and any grade level. It’s so easy to implement and will give your students a great intro activity to be ready for bigger projects. 


At the end of this module, you’ll be able to tell your colleagues and administrators exactly what you are doing in your classes & why.

Module 2 - Maker Project Planner


How to plan a Maker Ed project by using the Maker Project Planner:

  • Lesson 1: 
    • How to connect Maker Ed projects to content & curriculum 
  • Lesson 2: 
    • How to incorporate investigating & real world challenges
  • Lesson 3: 
    • How to teach hands-on project add ons 
  • Lesson 4: 
    • How to get students to brainstorm & plan using the Sketch Check
  • Lesson 5: 
    • How to have controlled build & test sessions with a class a students
  • Lesson 6: 
    • How redesign & reflection can be used an an assessment tool  

HANDS-ON Project 2 - flexible for all classes

HANDS-ON Project 3 - Advancing technical skills that everyone can do. 

Maker Ed Shopping List
Design Challenge for Maker Ed STEM
STEM Community
Maker Ed LEarning Journal
STEM Maker Ed certificate


Hours of Content 


The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Ed

  • FREE STEM Community a sacred space for teachers to talk to teachers!

  • FREE Design Challenges to use with your students for endless ideas for projects.

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