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If you are ready to transform your teaching so students have meaningful experiences within the school day, this is the most important professional development course for you. 


The WhyMaker Way is the next biggest thing in STEM education. You see those STEM teachers who are rockstars; where the students come running into their classroom and they are always creating amazing things and the administration is always bragging about them... Well with the WhyMaker Way, you can be one of these teachers.


If you haven't yet, check out our 6 part video series on YouTube about the WhyMaker Way. In this video series I will teach you about the framework for the WhyMaker Way, share some of the best tips expert STEM teachers use and you can see the whole framework of the Maker Project Planner. I also share a story about Kim, a 5th grade teacher who began to implement the WhyMaker Way and her students were mastering science standards, collaborating, researching and creating.  Teachers who have already viewed this series are cramming my inbox requesting more information because everyone is ready to revolutionize their teaching.


The WhyMaker Way is not about giving you a scripted curriculum for your classes. No! The truth is, every classroom is different and there are many factors that go into teaching STEM and Project Based Learning to your students successfully. Most teachers don't really get satisfaction and don't see individualized student growth when using a scripted product. However, I believe if you're serious about making a difference in the way you educate your students, you must be fully in control and create your own learning experiences. 


Here is what I can guarantee. This is my best program ever. I'm sharing every last secret with you and showing you step-by-step how to teach STEM and Maker Ed without leaving out any information. I honestly believe this is the best information you'll find anywhere about teaching in an innovative way. It's not a bunch of abstract theory but rather a field guide that shows you step-by-step why and how to use the WhyMaker Way to plan your projects. I believe if any program is going to help you have meaningful and engaging learning experiences for your students, this is it.


We all know education has changed and so has professional development. A lot of school leaders and teachers have been asking me if I have an online course or program because sometimes, asynchronous learning is great! I've been receiving so many questions about teaching STEM and Maker Ed in the last few months - I've created The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Ed online course for you. That way, everyone who wants to, can learn exactly how I've taught STEM and Maker Ed for years. 



Let me introduce you to the BEST online, hands-on professional development: 

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Education

Here is exactly what you will learn in this course: 

Module 1 - Maker Ed Essentials


What is Maker Ed?

  • Defining Maker Ed
  • Using the Learning Journal
  • Links & Resources to Maker Ed Content 


Why you should be using Maker Ed? 

  • Benefits of doing Maker Ed with your students
  • Making links to careers with Maker Ed
  • Purposeful teaching of Maker Ed


HANDS-ON Project 1 - Can be adopted to any class and any grade level. It’s so easy to implement and will give your students a great intro activity to be ready for bigger projects. 


At the end of this module, you’ll be able to tell your colleagues and administrators exactly what you are doing in your classes & why.

Module 2 - Maker Project Planner


How to plan a Maker Ed project by using the Maker Project Planner:

  • Lesson 1: 
    • How to connect Maker Ed projects to content & curriculum 
  • Lesson 2: 
    • How to incorporate investigating & real world challenges
  • Lesson 3: 
    • How to teach hands-on project add ons 
  • Lesson 4: 
    • How to get students to brainstorm & plan using the Sketch Check
  • Lesson 5: 
    • How to have controlled build & test sessions with a class a students
  • Lesson 6: 
    • How redesign & reflection can be used an an assessment tool  

HANDS-ON Project 2 - flexible for all classes

HANDS-ON Project 3 - Advancing technical skills that everyone can do. 

Maker Ed Shopping List
Design Challenge for Maker Ed STEM
STEM Community
Maker Ed LEarning Journal
STEM Maker Ed certificate


Hours of Content 

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Liz Gallo

Liz Gallo

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Liz helps STEM & Maker educators

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creator of the WhyMaker Way, Liz's

years of practice and leadership helps

teachers feel comfortable and confident

to teach Maker Ed & STEM in every

classroom. Liz has finally turned the 

WhyMaker Way into an online course

so that every educator can feel

empowered to teach our children the

way they need to and deserve to learn.


The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Ed

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